Friday Flick: Neil Young’s Mini-Doc “Seeding Fear”

On the heels of his recent protest-record The Monsanto Years, Neil Young has released a 10-minute short, Seeding Fear – the story of a farmer named Michael White who took on Monsanto in court.



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The film is co-produced by “Bernard Shakey,” Young’s longtime pseudonym. “The film I would like you to see tells the story of a farming family in America, but the same thing is happening around the world,” Young wrote in a statement. “It is a story that takes 10 minutes of your time to see. It is a simple human one, telling the heartbreaking story of one man who fought the corporate behemoth Monsanto, and it illustrates why I was moved to write The Monsanto Years. The film presents a rare opportunity to hear from the source as Mr. White is one of only four farmers who is still legally allowed to speak about his case as all the others have been effectively silenced.”



Monsanto sued the Whites for patent infringement, accusing Michael’s father Wayne White several years after he stopped farming. “It destroyed his life,” Michael says of his father in the film. “He went to his grave – this grave – still afraid of [Monsanto].” The farmer adds, “It’s hard to take your 80-something-year-old father to federal court on a walker when he’s falsely accused by a big corporation.”

Michael White’s story is also the subject of a book (unrelated to Young’s effort), Seeds of Reprisal.