Review of unReal

Months ago, we told you about an exciting flick coming from TGR’s camp. By now, any mountain biker worth their shocks has seen Anthill Films and Teton Gravity’s foray into the real summer movie blockbuster, un®eal. (Eat it, Jurassic World.) Somehow, it manages to be exactly what you’d expect, while at the same time, like nothing you’ve ever seen.

TGR’s record has been getting better and better in their winter edits (side note: the accompanying trailer for Paradise Waits made me want winter again), and un®eal displays that considerably. It’s a bike movie that feels like a ski movie. Hell, one of the first segment takes place on a glacier, and the final is a hugely enjoyable fun piece – a pow day in the bike park. I don’t want to give too much away about the movie, but the tricks throughout are incredible – including the world’s largest frontflip, and a single-shot segment for Brandon Semenuk, showcasing beauty in simplicity. The soundtrack is a fun and familiar mix (Norman Greenbaum’s Spirit in the Sky, to name but one), and there’s a mother effing grizzly bear thrown in there too.  This movie has all the fun we’ve come to expect from TGR, with a little whimsy, a lot of goofing off, and some groundbreaking material in both photography (4K film, for example) and the biking – an eerie night sequence that will give you chills.

tgr glacier
Yep. This happened.

Primarily filmed in the Sea to Sky Corridor, as well as Wyoming and California, there are a remarkable amount of places you’re likely to recognise with even a passing knowledge of the area – both downtown Vancouver and the trails throughout the 99 North.  It was utter torture – I could only score tickets for the first night, early showing. I also work with a bunch of gear heads. Not only could I not talk to them about its genuine awesomeness, but they didn’t want to hear it – they were going for the 9pm, the following night. I’ll tell you what I told them:

Brace yourself.

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