Red Bull’s New Heights with Whistler 400

The glory of the World’s games does nothing against the ravages of time. Rarely does an Olympic venue become anything except a tourist attraction once all the flags have been taken down and the fans have all gone home. At best, they become a local source of revenue; at worst, an eyesore that requires local tax dollars to maintain.

Red Bull came up with an idea though: why not run straight up a ski  jump ramp? It’s the very premise for the Red Bull 400, a relay race that could well have come straight out of your dreams – or your nightmares.

That screaming is your thighs.

The event, touted as the steepest race in the world, will take place July 19th of this year at one of the venues for the 2010 Winter Games in the Callaghan valley. A 400m race for teams of four (4x100m), plus a special category for emergency services teams, and an extra special registration for those that want to do the entire 400m all by themselves. You crazy, crazy people. It’s why we love you.

This event might even be worth simply watching. It could well be the winter version of the Crashed Ice. Plus, it’ll give you an idea as to how well Crossfit really works.

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For registration for the Whistler 400, just follow the links up there. And best of luck!