How to Save Our Species

Recycling is great and all, but sometimes we have to focus on the bigger picture. What are some big ideas that could actually help us from turning this planet into a smoking pile of rubble?

Land: Floating Solar Farms

The world is estimated to have 9 million inhabitants by 2050. One major issue is how we plan to feed all of these hungry mouths without ravaging the planet beyond sustainability.  Well, a company called Forward Thinking Architecture has a bold idea: take all that ocean space, and build a farm right on top.


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These floating farms would also have a fish farm beneath its hydroponic growing level. “The aim of the [smart floating farm] is not to replace traditional farming, not at all, but to serve as a flexible farming alternative thinking about the present and the future of food imports and countries with different agricultural challenges.”

Sea: Ocean Cleaning System Deployed in  2016


The award winning idea of 20 year old Boyan Slat has been slated to hit the seas next year. Designed to stop plastic from washing up on beaches, the Japanese government (where the system will be tested) is looking to see if the plastic can be broken down into fuel again.


Air: Urban Algae Canopy


Admittedly released as a prototype during the Expo Milano by ecoLogic Studio, this unique structure uses microalgae to produce shade, biomass energy, and a whole heap of oxygen – one small structure can produce the same amount as four hectares of woodland. The hotter the sun shines, the more photosynthesis exhibited by the algae, the more growth, the more shade… This seems like it’s too good of an idea not to work.

Soul: JetBoard

Finally, here’s surf legend Laird Hamilton ripping around on a jet powered surfboard. Yeah it’s probably not great for the environment, but what is life without a little fun?

Laird-jetsurf from Joel Guy on Vimeo.