Friday Flick: Vigor

In this week’s Friday Flick, Calgarian Regan Kennedy attempts Ojas 5.14a and talks about the climbing lifestyle and how it can happily coexist with an urban career.



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Ojas 5.14a is on Acephale, a challenging limestone crag near Canmore. Many consider Acephale some of the most difficult climbing in Canada.

“I’m really psyched on what I’ve been able to accomplish,” writes Kennedy in her blog. “Juggling three disciplines (indoor competition, outdoor bouldering and outdoor sport) is hard sometimes because there are moments (big chunks of time) where you can have no big successes (personal best sends); and I suppose it’s because the focus is spread out. Don’t get me wrong, every day out (or indoors) climbing is a success. And even when there are no sends, there are small victories in learning movement or getting 1mm closer to the hold. These victories are what keep me coming back for more.”


Regan Kennedy in Rocklands, South Africa. Photo by Nathan Gehardt. Courtesy Outdoor Research.


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