Friday Flick: Brothers, Husbands, ER Doctors & Ski Mountaineers

Dorais (dor-AY’), verb: To crush or rumble strenuous cardiovascular activity while easily juggling life’s myriad demands.
Usage: As I Dorais myself up the gnarly steep hill, I easily sigh and wonder where those extra four hours in my day should be spent.

Dorais is an intimate portrait of two brothers and their families – and how life’s most difficult battles don’t happen in the mountains.


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Featured in the 5Point Film Festival, this 12-minute short by Duct Tape Then Beer introduces Jason and Andy Dorais – ski mountaineers, brothers, husbands, fathers, ER doctors in Salt Lake City, and Outdoor Research Ambassadors.

There is clearly no nanosecond wasted in a day with these two. Their joint dedication to family, ski-mountaineering and career is admirable. In just over 12 minutes, the film runs the gamut from skimo shredding to love to sorrow. It’s funny, too.

“When the Dorais brothers plan a mission, there’s no bailing for hangovers, hitting the snooze button or sleeping in,” writes Hilary Oliver on OR’s Verticulture. “‘I don’t think there’s ever been a day when I said ‘screw it’ and stayed home,’ Andy says. ‘We make a plan, people show.'”

Dorais takes you inside their inspiring and challenging lives.


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 9.29.59 PM
Screen grab from ‘Dorais’.