Delicious Summer Living Pt. 2

Canada is one of the few countries that gets to have four distinct seasons. It’s foolish not to make the most of it.  Earlier this week, we started talking about how to make the most of your summer (the first part is right here.) As friend of Mountain Life Will Gadd says, “Days spent on the couch should be a welcome anomaly, not a way of life.” So here’s the rest of the list of living deliciously this summer.

Get up early. Make your bed

Woman raising her hands at sunrise
Woman raising her hands at sunrise

Do not get confused: more daylight hours does not mean there are more hours in the day. Get out of bed before you have a chance to reconsider. Trick your brain by getting in the shower before it knows what’s happening – can’t crawl back to bed soaking wet.

I’ll admit: I’m relatively new to the Bed Making scene, but it’s completely worth it. It’s one thing you can complete on your Daily list – get that sense of accomplishment in early. Plus, if you have a really bad day, at least when you get home you can crawl into a made bed.

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Water is your Friend

Southern Water Scientist Niki Bragg, one of the Company's 120 strong team which help saveguards water quality. Connors - June 2003 drinking, sample, taste, glass

While you’re making your bed, throw a glass of water in your face. Not literally, but in your mouth. There’s a good chance after a long sleep that you’re dehydrated, and with this weather it’s only going to get worse throughout the day. It kickstarts your metabolism, too.

Please stop buying bottles of water, too. You know it comes from the tap for free, right? Your mountains should be under your feet, not on a plastic bottle.

Note that water is your friend in any form.


Stop Saying No


No great story ever ends with “Then I went home”. The early bird may get the worm. But the bird may never stay up until the sunrise outshines the campfire, or see the aurora from a campsite or a park.  The point is, there’s never a reason to call it early when you’re already hanging out with some good friends.

…While Still Knowing When to Say No

Don’t get me wrong: it’d be foolish of us to say that we at Mountain Life don’t enjoy a patio session from time to time (check out our contest this month). The trick is to keep your head screwed on. Nobody likes the 9pm drunk, and there’s no reason to drink and drive.

If All Else Fails, Take it Out of Your Hands



You really can’t wait until rainy October to watch the new series of Orange Is The New Black? Take it out of your hands. Lock your computer with apps to lock yourself out of time-wasting sites.  For Mac, the SelfControl App is great in that you can choose not only websites, but also your own email inbox. If all you have is a light-up typewriter, you may as well head outside. From there, who knows what kind of trouble you can get into?