A Guide to Delicious Summer Living

With the final ski weekend put to bed (drunk, and still wearing ski boots), it’s time to look ahead to this glorious weather. Even though there’s so much more to do in the summer, it’s all too easy to just get back to what you love to do: relax. Sadly, with “binge-watching”, it’s easy to hang out at home for far too late in the day.

We’re here to make sure that goes as best as it can, with Mountain Life’s Guide to Delicious Summer Living.

Airplane Mode


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More and more, it seems people are too busy looking down to see the amazing world around them. We can’t possibly advocate deleting Facebook or throwing your phone in that lake over there, but how about a compromise: Use your phone as a camera, and a camera only, by activating Airplane Mode. You can do everything with it, even take those Godforsaken “selfies”, as long as you don’t upload anything until it’s an appropriate time. If you make this part of your routine, you’ll soon realise how many people have their heads facing down, stuck in The Cloud, and it’ll make you want to spread the gospel… or maybe weep for humanity.

Barefoot Wandering

© Kelly Butler, Eagle Eye Photo.  All Rights Reserved.
© Kelly Butler, Eagle Eye Photo. All Rights Reserved.

There are fewer simple pleasures in life than walking barefoot through a park or on a beach. It’s a tiny difference, but the freedom of your feet travels up through your body. No day is a bad day when the sand is between your toes. For best results, use (or, don’t use, I suppose) flip-flops for easy storage – either shoved in a bag, or clipped to a carabiner, they’ll be there when the going gets rough.

NOTE: It is advised that you work your way into the “HippyFeet” status before tackling tarmac. Blisters on your feet are one thing, but on the soles? That’s next level. And there’d best not be thistles or thorns around until your calluses have matured.

Operation: Al Fresco


It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast on your porch, a post-golf barbecue, a blended smoothie while you walk to work, or even an alpine picnic (ladies). Try and incorporate the outdoors into some part of a dining experience every day. If the sun is out, so should you be. Hell, even if it’s not raining, it’s worth sitting down and being forced to experience the Great Outdoors while you savour a steak or kebab.

More Ant, Less Grasshopper


Having to work, or do laundry, or anything that isn’t classified as “fun in the sun” makes it all too easy to put off day after day. That is, until rent is due, or you have no more clean underwear. Then it’s a mountain of chores that you have to do while everyone else is heading to play beach volleyball. Curse your past self, and never do it again. Chop that firewood while it (and you) is dry, out in the glory of Nature, work up a sweat, and have a celebratory cold one. Get up half an hour earlier, throw the laundry on, and take advantage of that south-facing window.

Your snooze button is the enemy.

Stay tuned: later this week, Part 2 of Mountain Life’s Guide to Delicious Summer Living.