Wings for Life Soars for Spinal Research

It’s no secret that a high octane lifestyle can lead to sudden and irreparable damage to a body. Spinal cord injuries are a risk, no matter the precaution, in both skiing/snowboarding and downhill biking. It boils down to the old adage: s**t happens.

Red Bull is synonymous with larger-than-life stunts and activities, so it stands to reason that they would front the charge for raising money toward spinal cord injury research – and would do so in a larger-than-life way. The Wings for Life World Run is the only simultaneously organised international running event. This year, over 100 thousand competitors joined in the fun, raising over $5.5 million in the process.

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P: Dale Tidy

From the great unknowns to big names like MULTIPLICITY keynote speaker Will Gadd, Whistler’s own Paralympian champion Josh Dueck, Sean Pettit, and Olympic gold medallist Dara Howell, everyone was out for the right reasons at Niagara Falls, Canada’s location of the 35 worldwide event spots.

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P: Paul Swanson

Also running was Mountain Life’s friend Mike Shaw, who, not 18 months ago, suffered a critical spinal compression while training in Keystone, Colorado. He has since bounced back and was alongside the rest of the crowd, and his friend (and fellow injury sufferer) Pauly Plewa.

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Special mention goes to Blaine Penny of Calgary, AB who, with a total distance of 65km, made him Last Man Standing in North America on the day.


P: Dale Tidy
P: Dale Tidy

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