Tackling the North Atlantic with the Cold Water Cowboys

By Alicja Lei, via Helly Hansen.

When the success of your day-to-day job leaves you at the mercy of Mother Nature, there are critical elements to an equation that has to be met.

For Captain Richard Gillett, the three elements are: his crew, his boat, and his gear. The resounding success and growing popularity of Cold Water Cowboys (now in its second season) is credited to its cast and crew.


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The personalities shine through and we have come to know and root for these hardworking Newfoundland fisherman. We have been given a window into a world where their daily commute entails breaking through iceberg-choked waters. A world where their day starts not with marshalling emails, but by combining knowledge, guts, and a bit of luck to head into the North Atlantic.


Photo courtesy Bell Media.
Photo courtesy Bell Media.

And while most of us are merely voyeurs into the lives of the Cold Water Cowboys, when the camera stops rolling, their days and nights out in the elements continue.  Because when it’s all said in done, it isn’t a performance and there is no standing ovation. Their pride as fishermen come from the the scars on their hands, the wear on their gear and of course, the size of their haul.

HH Workwear is a big part of the equation that keeps the crew of the Midnight Shadow warm, dry and performing at their best, on camera or off.