Red Bull’s Raw 100 Series – Zac Moxley

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It’s a fast world we live in these days. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to get your shot of adrenaline before you head out the door to set your own personal best. Who has time to hang out and watch a half hour pump-up video?

Thankfully, the Red Bull guys and girls have your back. The Raw 100 is an ongoing series that showcases a filmmaker’s creativity and innovation. It’s a set of simple rules to adhere to: 100 seconds long, no slow motion, and no music. The result is a highly distilled sequence of pure awesome that puts filmmakers in a new and exciting frame of mind, creatively speaking. If that 30 minute segment is a cup of coffee, this is your shot of espresso – straight up, no sugar.

As an example, check out this piece from one of the fastest rising names in the industry, Zac Moxley. Zac has already cut his teeth with some high profile teams, including Mike Douglas’ Switchback Entertainment, CBC, Rip Curl, and the Winter X Games.

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Moxley’s edit might look familiar to those of you living on the West Coast, as he incorporates scenes out of Vancouver, Whistler, and Tofino. We won’t give too much away, but you really ought to watch it.

You can see the rest of the submissions so far right here. To keep up with this exciting new project, you can follow along on Twitter and Instagram (@RedBullCanada) – and keep an eye out for the #Raw100 hashtag.

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