Live It Up Winners: “We Cannot Thank You Enough”

Photo courtesy Aava Hotel

The WSSF already feels like so long ago, what with new snow falling during, and hot weather almost immediately after. That’s not to mention the shift of sports slowly merging together – the Whistler Mountain bike park opened 2 weeks early, and the aforementioned late snow days means Whistler mountain alpine and high mid mountain remains open for skiing 3 weeks later than originally planned. (Let’s gloss over the fact that it snowed in Calgary this week…)

However, it’s still fresh in the minds of Sarah and Daniel Noble, winners of Mountain Life’s “Live It Up” contest. They flew out from Ottawa to see the 10 day celebration of all things shredsport, including cultural and musical events.

“We had a wonderful time, the absolute best. We cannot thank you enough,” Sarah wrote to us, currently in India.

“The Bearfoot Bistro was wonderful, and the skiing was better than I could have ever expected. I didn’t know what to expect with Spring skiing. Our cousins who live in Squamish told us that Whistler didn’t have a great snow year, but we got a beautiful bit of snow on that Monday so we had perfect weather.  If Spring skiing is always that good, I think we’re going to skip the crowds in February and enjoy empty runs in April! Multiplicity was an event highlight for sure. The keynote was great. Dan loved the stories from the base jumpers, I loved the story of the couple who rowed across the Atlantic. (Will Gadd, Suz Graham/Tim Emmett, Julie Angus respectively – ed.)  I was surprised that more people came to the film fest than they did to Multiplicity. The film fest felt like a local insider event, whereas Multiplicity felt like it was a world class event.

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Captain Adventure himself, keynote speaker Will Gadd on the night.

“I would recommend it to anyone and would come back to Whistler just for Multiplicity. (In all honesty, I don’t know how you will top it next year.)”

She also had kind things to say about the locals in Whistler.

“Everyone on the mountain was really friendly, outgoing and kind.”

The pair enjoyed Peaked Pies as well: “I think we ate there 3 times!”

We here at Mountain Life want to thank everyone that entered the Live It Up contest, and hope you can make it out for next year!