Help Sitka Change the World

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The mental image of a surfer is not usually positive. Long hair, baggy pants, chill to a fault. Burnouts like this never help anyone or themselves.

Let's party. - J. Spicoli. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection
Let’s party. – J. Spicoli. ©Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

In recent years however, that persona has made way for the environmentalist surfer – a person that has a vested interest in what goes into our oceans. Canada is leading the charge with Sitka. Not content with being simply a clothing brand, Sitka has started the Sitka Society for Conservation (SSC) – and they’ve got a great plan.

Their Indiegogo campaign means you can become a founding member of the SSC – and for only $20. Of course there are bigger rewards for donating more, which you can check out on the crowdfunding page.  (How about a chance to surf with Sitka activist and pro surfer Pete DeVries? Yeah, that’s in there.)

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The West Coast based company took a look at business models around the world, and realised that they are presently unsustainable. With that in mind, they’re looking to change the way we do business. By creating long-lasting apparel, it creates a smaller footprint because you won’t be throwing away that sweater anytime soon.  And with more people supporting this movement across the country (looking at you, Ontario readers),  it means more grassroots connections with people first hand as they open up stores and have conversations face to face.  Your founding member status means any purchase you make with Sitka will mean double the percentage going to conservation initiatives, and a say in which projects the SSC will take part in, even going so far as to help out yourself.

Plus, their gear is pretty sweet.

They want this to work. They’ll do whatever they can with the money raised, even if they don’t make their goal, and for you, the contributor, they’re ready to shower you in cool swag if you have an IndieGogo account and refer people to this campaign. (It’s super easy to set up if you don’t have an account; instructions are on the page.)

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