Friday Flick: Lost in New Zealand

Young Belgian videographer Ben Steensels recently dropped this dynamite edit of his trip to New Zealand. Swooping over mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, cities, seas, and forests – or choppering through clouds – Steensels’ camera conveys a style both dream-like and journalistic. This film says a lot in one minute and thirty-six seconds.



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His playful edits and unerring sense of sequence and transition make for a magnetic piece. You don’t want to look away. New Zealand’s tourism authority should be all over this. Has a country ever looked more appealing to outdoor-active travellers? Perhaps not.

Steensels and Rob Antill shot the film earlier this year when they “made a manic trip to New Zealand,” Steensels said. “We covered the whole south island in about 6 days. This was a trip of a lifetime, from heli rides to epic camping spots. What a ride.”

Directing/editing: Ben Steensels
Shot by Ben Steensels and Rob Antill
Music by Wim Mertens