Worn Wear: Greatest Hits Tour

Patagonia’s Worn Wear program celebrates the stories we wear and keeps your gear in action longer to take some of the pressure off the planet.

Heading to the States this spring? Patagonia’s biodiesel repair truck will travel from California to New York doing free clothing repairs, teaching you how to fix your own gear and selling used Patagonia goods. Bring them your tired, well-loved clothing for repair.


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Better Than New is a short film that introduces Patagonia’s repair wagon and pays tribute to customers and repair techs who have kept their gear in use for over 40 years. Patagonia’s Repair Department in Reno is the largest garment repair facility in the U.S. – completing about 30,000 repairs per year.

Worn Wear is becoming a cultural phenomenon all its own. Here are a few stories from the blog:

‘All Wrapped Up’ – Leigh Boyle, Vancouver, BC


Courtesy wornwear.patagonia.com

“25 years ago my mom snapped this photo of me in our backyard in North Vancouver. At 2 years old, my greatest adventures were around our neighbourhood and in the forest behind our house. Every afternoon, the epic expeditions would be colourfully spilled onto the big sheets of paper my mom would tack up on the side of the house for my brother and I to paint on.

While I quickly outgrew that hot pink fleece, the preparation for adventures as a teen and then as an adult always involved Patagonia. From Peru to Paris to Pretoria to Pyongyang and pretty much everywhere in between, the day before take-off always involved my mom handing down one or two of her most beloved Patagonia pieces.

Going back through photos, I see my Worn Wear in almost every picture – an old hat pulled down over my ecstatic face after climbing in northern Ethiopia, her old black puffy down getting pulled out of a backpack in the Korean mountains, or a pair of waders she found at a garage sale and had repaired so that I could go out fly fishing with my dad in Idaho.

My mom raised my brother and I to explore the world with unwavering curiosity. It seems to me that since she often couldn’t be there herself to fold her arms around us after we summited a mountain or conquered our biggest wave, she would always send us away with the next best thing to wrap around us – her Patagonia worn wear. It’s warm as hell, tough as nails, and is one of those things you can always count on – just like Mom.”

’15 Years Strong’ – Krishna Chaturvedul, San Francisco, CA


Courtesy wornwear.patagonia.com


Krishna (left) an avid garment mender himself, has biked from Seattle to San Fran, been rescued from the backcountry and has raised a family in these 15 year old grey pants. “I love telling my daughter stories that I’ve had these pants for 15 years. I feel so proud. I want to ride my bicycle from Salerno to Milan in 2017 and I’ll take these grey pants with me.”

Though the Worn Wear tour isn’t coming to Canada, you can still take your old gear into the Patagonia Toronto or Vancouver stores for free repair.