Go For a Soda this May Long Weekend


Kick off your patio-lantern season at Blue Mountain Village this May Long Weekend. Early bird tickets for the Sunday May 17th Kim Mitchell concert at 8pm are on sale now for just $20 until April 26th.

Mitchell has sold over 1.5 million recordings and toured regularly over a lengthy career that began in the early ’70s and remains vibrant. He is a gifted and peer-respected guitar player as well as an acclaimed songwriter, having penned (in partnership with Pye Dubois) and recorded classic hits like “Go For Soda”, “Patio Lanterns”, “Easy To Tame”, and “Paradise Skies” (the latter with his former band Max Webster – check out Kim’s axework in the video below).

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A Mitchell show is a high-energy combo of solo hits and Max Webster faves like “Diamonds Diamonds”, “Oh War”, and “Battlescar” – the latter a hard-rock anthem as powerful today as it was three decades ago when it was recorded with Rush. And what does Kim Mitchell consider his greatest achievement? “That’s easy,” he says; “it’s in the couple of hours the band is onstage, being able to take people to a special place through our performance and music. When that happens, I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.”

Born and raised in The Blue Mountains, opening act Austin McCarthy started at a young age on piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music program. At the age of 13, his passion turned to guitar. His playing is influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King and John Mayer, and clearly marked by his own signature style.



Austin was the winner of the 2014 Collingwood Idol contest, which garnered the interest of the local press, radio and community. The first song ever written and recorded by Austin, “If You Look”, a bluesy acoustic number, was entered into The CBC/Canada Trust “Rock Your Campus” contest where it placed in the final top 5 nationwide.

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