Friday Flick: How to Climb

In partnership with the American Mountain Guides Association, Outdoor Research is releasing a series of 12 short climbing instruction videos, covering necessary climbing techniques including belaying, rappelling, and building anchors.

The AMGA’s founding fathers were hardcore climbers and skiers who understood the outdoor culture thoroughly. They realized the soul of these sports didn’t have to be compromised by organization. Organization could instead serve to bring the community together in a revolutionary way. It could provide mountain guides with resources, services, and credentials to boost their careers, but also with connections to each other and to the larger community of guides and clients across the country and around the globe. The AMGA leads and promotes the guiding community through courses and certifications, memberships, and advocacy.

Check out three of the videos below:

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The story of the AMGA goes back many years and can almost be traced to the year its international partner, the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (UIAGM/IFMGA) was founded, 1965. It was in this same year that American John Harlin founded the International School of Mountaineering in Leysin, Switzerland. Soon other guides joined the ISM, familiar names such as Royal Robins, Gary Hemming, Layton Kor, and Brits Dougal Haston and Don Whillans. Even though the ISM did not officially require instructors to be UIAGM certified guides until about 1980, certainly both organizations had long been keenly aware of each others’ developments. But it wouldn’t be until 1997 that the two organizations would be officially tied together. More AMGA history here.

Check out the whole video series on the Outdoor Research YouTube channel.