A Tale of Two Seasons

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Those rare days of endless white in the Winter that Wasn’t made for some of the most profound mornings of the year, in an otherwise drab, wet winter where the freezing level just wouldn’t stay low.



Meanwhile, it seems earlier than ever this year that people are packing up their bikes into the back of the truck and heading for singletrack sites that are already open. Sleds sit dormant in garages, their covers on, as even the most optimistic are forced to admit that there probably isn’t much chance of pow in April.

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And yet… Now is the time for backcountry touring. Heliskiing operations are at their best bookings of the year, even now. We finally got the snow, and it’s been a long time coming, but it’s back there.

What is an adventurer to do? Commit themselves to the summer season, the longer days and dusty tracks? Or begin to unpack everything once more, that itch for floating on fluffy white snow, long unscratched, finally presenting itself to be too tempting?

Obviously, some people have decided already – many only practice one discipline, for either self-preservation or financial necessity… Not to mention that a person only has so much passion to devote to certain things. Others may struggle: should I get the sled back on the trailer? It’s beautiful and sunny – will the snow keep or is it already too warm up there? 

The struggle is real, friends. Which awesome adrenaline-pumping sport should one do? This is not a question that goes through many minds – more likely, our office-dwellers are more concerned with what kind of Endless Appies should they order at happy hour. And that’s the true story.

However you choose to make gravity pull you downhill, do it fast, do it fun, and do it safe.