#ProjectSnow: The Magic of Snow Art

Photo: Banff Lake Louise Tourism
Photo: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

What do you see when you look at a field of untouched snow?

Simon Beck sees art.

Hailing from the UK, Beck graduated from the prestigious Oxford University with a degree in Engineering. He went on to become a cartographer, but now, he lives in the French Alps and does snow art.

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Photo: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

Snow art – as you’ll see from the video below – is, at its simplest, footprints in the snow. But when you see how it’s made, you realize the precise calculations involved with creating these temporary masterpieces. Armed with little more than a compass and a pair of snowshoes, Beck can create some pretty impressive pieces.

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Banff invited Beck out on his first trip to North America as part of the #ProjectSnow campaign, showing us how awesome that white fluffy stuff can be.

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Photo: Banff Lake Louise Tourism

You can learn more about the intricate process of creating Snow Art here. You just might be inspired to stomp your own frozen marvel – if you can find any snow, that is.