Oakley Airwave – Straight to your Brain

Ever have one of those downhill runs where you’re sure you broke some speed record? Ever pull off a trick with such amplitude that you could swear you left earth’s atmosphere for a sec? And wouldn’t it be cool to know for sure? Now you can. The Oakley Airwave goggle delivers the goods straight to your brain.




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Airwave takes goggle design and technology to cyborg levels with a built-in heads up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and more. Onboard sensors give you instant access to jump analytics that show distance, height and airtime. And more: preloaded maps, music playlist control, buddy tracking, and so on. Airwave isn’t merely a goggle; it’s a mobile dashboard, folks.



The Airwave delivers crisp, widescreen graphics using ‘prism’ technology the eye perceives to be the size of a 14-inch screen viewed from a distance of 5 feet. We found the screen easy to ignore when hard-charging and focusing on your turns, which is crucial. And as a ‘mere’ goggle, the Airwave is peerless, and fog-free. Also crucial.

Using the display to navigate, you feel a bit like a test pilot or like Arnold in Terminator 2: plugged into an advanced machine that computes its surroundings with futuristic efficiency.

Tour all the features of the Airwave here.