Niagara Escarpment Climbing

The Niagara Escarpment climbing community continues to grow in Ontario. There are more people than ever out there and there’s even a newly formed guiding company up on the Bruce Peninsula. For those that love to climb, here’s a look at what went down in 2014. Oh and sailing to your climbing zone is pretty bad ass.

“Our second annual meal sized video offering from the big kids at Chosspile. And just like your favorite adult film, there’s no script, no plot and everyone in the film is heavily addicted to a white powdery substance. This year we teamed up with the talented Dennis Barnes and his fairy dust magic to bring you six dudes, throwing down on six routes across the Ontario escarpment including one of the hardest routes here. Joe Skopec on Bromance 5.14b!

This isn’t a polished feature film. Just carefully selected music fastened to some pretty good looking Ontario climbing footage. Don’t say montage!

We loved making this, and we hope it serves to stir the stoke as spring approaches and new season begins. Get out there and make sure you get back in one piece to share your story!

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