MULTIPLICITY — It’s Coming Again!

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noun; plural multiplicities.
1. a large number or variety: a multiplicity of errors.
2. the state of being multiplex or manifold; manifold variety.
3. One of the most unique nights out in Whistler during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival.
I made that last one up.
But it’s true! Only a couple of years young (,compared to the WSSF’s 20th year), and tickets sell like cakes that are hot.  Often best described as “a TEDtalk on adrenaline”, previous speakers have been in the realms of a 21-year-old that scaled insane cliffs in Patagonia (Will Stanhope), a human Swiss Army Knife (Chili Thom), freediver and world record holder (Mandy Rae Cruikshank) and a man who knows how to hang out with wild bears for decades at a time (Charlie Russell).   Now in only its 3rd year, MULTIPLICITY is giving the big hitters like the 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown a real run for its money.
Charlie Russell, inaugural keynote speaker, just hanging with one of his buddies. (It’s a Grizzly bear.)
So who exactly is going to be there this year? We’re glad you asked. But, rather than just tell you that people such as Suz Graham and Dave McColm will be speaking, with Will Gadd as our keynote (whoops), we’d like to further investigate all of the speakers for you. Stay tuned to Mountain Life for full bios and interviews on all of our speakers. Or, if you want to take our word for it (awesome, thanks), here’s the link to buy tickets. Not to twist that arm of yours, but this event will sell out without question.