Friday Flick: The Forbidden Traverse

The Forbidden Traverse is a route in the North Cascades of Washington named for the magnificent Forbidden Peak.

Fred Beckey describes the first ascent in his book Challenge of the North Cascades. At one time the pyramidal mountain was known as Isosceles Peak; according to Beckey, the first ascent party began to use the name “Forbidden” in the 1940s.

According to Nelson and Potterfield’s Selected Climbs in the Cascades, “There is no easy way off Forbidden Peak.”


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“The Forbidden Traverse was first done by Martin Volken, a Swiss-born mountain guide who resides in Washington state,” says Mike Traslin. Vancouver-based G3 ski mountaineers Mike and brother Andy recently hit a major milestone: a solid 100 months of consecutive days skiing. They jumped at the chance to keep that going and do the Traverse, self-supported, with Jason Hummel and Jeff Rich.

Fleeing this year’s low coastal snowpack,  the boys took advantage of good weather and stable snow to make the Traverse look easy.

Filmed and edited by Jeff Rich.