#Find_Away: Episode 7 – Pemberton Pillows

Pemberton sits at the confluence of a multitude of valleys that provide pretty easy access to a vast amount of terrain that is equally good during the grey days as it is during the bluebird days. The blue days, you go for the alpine, and on the grey days, you stick to the trees … sometimes it’s those grey days I prefer. That’s when those pillow lines are ripe for the picking.”

In Episode 7 of Patagonia‘s #Find_Away series, Pep Fujas skis a small zone in Pemberton, B.C. that he’d long overlooked, investing his full attention to unlock the convoluted terrain with precision and creativity. The reward? “Some of the most fun I’ve had all season.” A short film by Nimbus Independent.


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“Sometimes it’s days like these that unanticipated discovery opens your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and really makes you want to search for more.”

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