Shadow Campaign – Ep. 4: Inversions

Baldface Lodge, nestled in the BC interior, is renowned for producing some of Earth’s finest powder. With over 32,000 acres of skiable terrain, open bowls, peaks, optimally spaced trees and 500+ inches of snow – you never have to worry about competing for fresh lines.

Last December when the DPS crew arrived to make episode 4 of the Shadow Campaign, the snow was good but the skies were grey. As the filmers struggled with the dull light, the athletes took to the air – building jumps, getting upside down, and making the best of it. Finally for one amazing day the clouds dropped into the valleys, creating a welcome inversion and offering access to bright sunny lines. This proves that even the toughest trip can sometimes turn bright side up in the end.


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Film produced by DPS Cinematic and presented by Outdoor Research.