Mixed-Media Show Highlights Forgotten Places, Faces & Artifacts

Courtesy Michelle Ward.


We profiled the daring and evocative photography of Michelle Ward in our fall 2013 Ontario edition. Ward seeks out abandoned farmhouses in a quest to record and memorialize these neglected spaces. Her new show The Ghost of You is a mixed-media expansion of this quest into what she calls “a rural fairytale.”


Courtesy Michelle Ward.


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“I am attempting to understand and link the grounded physical world we occupy with the emotional and spiritual world that lends meaning to most everything we encounter,” Ward explains. “Each property, object, and portrait that I explore has a tale to tell that has been lost generationally….My hope is that people come to the exhibition and leave feeling some kind of emotional connection to the work. It would be wonderful if The Ghost of You ended up asking more questions than it answers.”


Courtesy Michelle Ward.


Courtesy Michelle Ward.

The Ghost of You hangs at Meaford Hall until April 25. Then the show moves to Gerrard Art Space, Toronto from June 24 – July 12. Opening Reception: Saturday, June 27.