Movie Time!

With the snow and subsequent stories being so thin on the ground (hehe) we thought we’d take a look at what’s been circling YouTube lately.

First, a follow up from last week: Kokanee’s Peak Brew has a few vids popping up in conjunction with its latest release. Here’s Rory Bushfield being badass in ways only he can be:

The team also has promotional videos coming out of Lake Louise, Marmot Basin, and Fernie, and they’re all worth checking out.

Now, let’s look to the future – specifically, summer. The GroundWaves series is pretty awesome anyway, but they really stepped it up with their latest release: Brett Rheeder travels to Malaga, Spain, and catches up with local boy Ruben Alcantara to find the greatest of the great hidden sites.

You don’t even have to be into biking to appreciate this flick: there’s something for everyone, and it’s just a couple of dudes having fun and breaking the rules here and there. The opening scene in Ruben’s own street park is like ballet – he knows every sweet spot, and maximises it for a sequence that is out of this world.

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