The Market Launches Co-operative Member Drive

The Market in Grey County, Ontario is in the process of transforming itself into a co-operative. It will remain in its current location in a refurbished 1800s barn, but the business model will undergo extensive changes and expansion.


Courtesy Julie Tanas Photography.


“Our dream of a co-operative grocer has turned into an vision of a health hub of sorts, incorporating a cafe, a yoga space, an art gallery and an office for natural healing,” says current owner Kara Davison-Wildeman. “We’d like to expand the outdoor space and build more garden boxes to grow more of our own food, build cold frames and a greenhouse to grow winter greens and maybe even have a few chickens, mini donkeys and bunnies to add to the ‘farm’ experience.  We’re calling this The Barn Co-operative Network.”

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BARNRAISER Event Notice! On Saturday, March 21 at 7 pm, head over to The Barn for a good old fashioned party with live music and organic wild food – all in the hopes to raise more funds for the Barn Co-operative to become a reality. Facebook event page here.





Membership Level:
It is $40/year to become a member of The Barn Co-operative Network. At this level, you receive 5% off your shopping, and various case deals throughout the year. You also will be offered special rates on bulk items, events and workshops and have the opportunity to do ‘work trade’ hours.

Investment Share:
Investment shares are being offered at $1000/share. This money is a loan to the co-operative, that will help secure the building and expand and grow the other businesses.  At this level, you will receive 10% discounts each time you shop, larger discounts on bulk and cases, special pricing for events and workshops, and a 5% dividend at the end of the year. You can also roll an RRSP into these investment shares. “Most of us have RRSP’s and have no idea what we are investing in,” says Davison-Wildeman. “Unless you have done the research and are investing in ‘green’ stocks, there is a good chance your money could be supporting not-so-nice companies.”

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