G3’s Backcountry (with Kayaks) Trip: Chile

Some people are going to serious lengths to find the perfect mix of snow and vertical travel. Anyone on the West Coast is lying to you if they say they haven’t thought about visiting Japan this year, and a fair few Instagram feeds show that the snow is present and accounted for.

Instagrammers @chrissykay and @ogacch making you jealous.
Instagrammers @chrissykay and @ogacch. That feeling you have right now is called envy.

But apart from a tight budget, a required love of sushi, and a grasp on a complex language, what struggles are there, really, heading here?

What about wading through waist-deep rivers in the bamboo jungles of Patagonia, in order to ski three volcanoes that are largely uncharted by mankind? That’s a struggle. And it’s the topic of G3’s latest blog entry by Chad Sayers and photographer friends Steve Ogle and Kari Medig.

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It’s a helluva story so we won’t give much away, but rest assured: if you like adventure porn, this will scratch that itch. Floods, leeches, and hot springs all crop up.  Just know that your wet boots are nothing compared to what these guys put up with for a run.





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