FEAT Fun Size: FEATuring Kids

By now you’re likely aware of the sort of people that will be taking the stage at FEATCanada March 4th (if not, check out Part One and Two of the series chronicling some of our speakers).

Everyone caught up? Good. A range of feelings should have swept over you: compassion, awe, pride in the human spirit, and possibly a little bit of inadequacy. These people have done so much with their lives, so there’s no shame in admitting that.

All of those feelings are about to get turned up a notch when we tell you there is a FEAT event targeted specifically toward children, by young folk. That same day, hear 9 extraordinary people talk for 7 minutes on their chosen topic.

Need some specific examples of what to expect? How about Maïa Schwinghammer, a freestyle skiing prodigy that happens to just love doing it, and is set to be Canada’s best hope for a gold in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Or Kennedy Kopke, who, at just 8 years old, has completed more triathlons than many of us ever will… Seven, by the way. 7 freaking triathlons.

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Not enough? Willem Young, at 14 years old, co-founded a 55km triathlon that crosses from the mainland to Bowen Island. Incidentally, he and two friends started the charity event as a way to help fund education in Ghana.

Willem Young, on his day off, still awesome.


These are some truly special kids, well worth listening to. The old phrase says that children are our future. Let’s hope we have more like this.

Admission to FEATuring Kids is free, but space is limited. To confirm seating, please contact FEAT organisers.