Yow: Icelandic for Yes!

Yow. It’s not just a word, it’s a feeling — it’s smiling with a pull of whiskey after a long day in the rain; it’s believing in the unknown. From rendezvousing with 16th generation farmers while discovering un-fished rivers to sitting in lonely line-ups while the snow falls — Iceland’s landscape and culture is an incredible background in which to chase the Yow.


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On the face of it, surfers and fly-fishers don’t appear to have a lot in common. Yow: Icelandic for Yes! is a beautifully shot 45-minute film about a surfer and a fly-fisher that will change that misconception. Somehow Iceland’s saga-soaked land- and seascape has a way of uniting outdoorists. Yow! is currently doing the rounds in the Fly Fishing Film Tour. HD downloads are available now, while DVDs will start shipping by the end of April 2015.

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Yow is an adventure where we discover the deeper meanings of saying “yes.” (It’s actually spelled . “Yow” is an Americanized phonetic spelling.)

More about the film on Patagonia’s Fly-Fishing blog.

Pre-Order available now: icelandicforyes.com

Catch Yow on the 2015 Fly Fishing Film Tour

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Courtesy instagram.com/yow_film