Tommy Caldwell Sending Pitch 15

The Dawn Wall push sensation will likely last all year, and will surely be remembered for all time as the game-changing moment in freeclimbing history.  Check this footage of Tommy Caldwell collectedly sending the crux of the crux – pitch 15 – and witness the methods of the master.

“It felt like a very spiritual experience the whole time,” Caldwell said during a press conference at Yosemite following the completion of the climb up the sheer El Capitan face with Kevin Jorgeson.

The pair began climbing on December 27 and didn’t stop until they finished, sleeping in hanging bivys. They used safety ropes if they lost hold, but did not use ropes to aid in climbing.

Caldwell lost his voice from shouting back and forth with his partner. He said the worst injuries he sustained were tiny cuts to his fingers. Caldwell has climbed El Capitan 60 times and spoke of his affection for the venerable California wilderness park. “I crave time in Yosemite like I crave food and water,” he said.

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