Ottawa’s Epic Indoor Bikepark

Canada’s capitol of Ottawa has a had a few indoor skateparks over the years, but nothing quite like the Epic Indoor Bikepark. At 53,000 square feet, this place is going to give Joyride 150 a run for its money.

Owner Lin Zhang is the first to admit she doesn’t know much about ramp riding, but she’s put together a killer team to get the place built. Jordan Bonafico is leading the charge; he’s been riding for years and took three months off of his architect technologist job to build the park. And he’s got tech wizard Steven Moxley banging nails and assisting design. And they’re all living at Zhang’s house.


“All the boys live in my house,” says Zhang. “I like them. For me it’s a big adventure. It makes me very excited about the project. I don’t know anything about riding, I just looked at it and want to have a great nice place to ride for the riders. That’s my intention. I want to build a park that the riders will call home.”

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In a town where winters are long and cold, a place like this is long overdue. And to local bike shop Joe Mamma, the park represents nothing but good things for the cycling community.

“I’ve been looking at doing this for years, but haven’t been able to figure it out,” says Joe Mamma owner Jose Bray. “I sat down with Lin Zhang for an hour and she has me convinced this will work. She’s learned how to do it through the trampoline businesses she runs.”
That business is the very successful Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park. In Zhang and Bray’s mind a similar model should be a viable business. The Epic Indoor Bikepark has three party rooms, beginner pump tracks, advanced jumps, strider friendly obstacles, a cross-country loop and a rental fleet big enough to get 70 kids out riding.

“It’s great for me,” says Bray. “It’s great for all the bike shops in Ottawa; kids are going to be breaking stuff all winter long.”


Located in Nepean, just south west of the city centre the park is set to open sometime in February. And you can bet it’s going to be awesome.

“I told Jordan to put whatever he wants in the park,” says Zhang. And if you’ve ridden anything Jordan has built over the years (Mount Trashmore, the Cambridge Dirt Jumps) you know this guy knows what he’s doing. See you there on opening day.