The Nuttiest Waterfall Drop Ever

Keyhole Falls on BC’s Lillooet River boasts a 3,000-cubic-metre-per-minute flow, and the Coast Mountains snowmelt means consistently high water levels. Dropping the 10-storey waterfall is crazy enough, but you have to access it first. This is a problem, since the river above the falls is unnavigable. So you have to abseil into the gorge, with your boat.

Before the drop, from above. ©Eric Parker/Red Bull Content Pool.
Before the drop, from above. ©Eric Parker/Red Bull Content Pool.

With the help of a 12-person team – including his brother in charge of safety and a pro climber to secure the rappels – Spanish madman and extreme kayaker ​Aniol Serrasolses got in and then dropped the Keyhole Falls. He is the first to do so. Here’s the clip, courtesy of Red Bull Adventure:

“The experience is just amazing,” Serrasolses told CBC News. “To see the landscape, the view of the Lillooet Valley for a second, and then you’re dropping down a hundred feet …. Before you drop in, you’re kind of scared because you think of what could go wrong, but once I drop in, I just focus on what I have to do.”

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