Getting Creative with Bus Life Adventure

Being a self-proclaimed ski bum has many advantages: besides the 100-day winters on the hill, there’s an unbounded sense of community, almost zero stress beyond getting to your job on time and making sure your gear is dry for tomorrow morning, and a town with unparalleled views everywhere you look.

Of course, as we (and I include myself) get older, we start thinking about the future – something we as ski bums are not generally inclined to do. The “financial” future is enough to induce a panic attack, so we start thinking about real estate. That’s the safe money, right? That’s what you hear on TV, or somewhere from old white guys anyway.

So you get out the For Sale ads to give you an idea of how much you need to save, or at least how much to put down. And… oh. Oh dear. It appears to be a little more than the average market (maybe that’s in part to Vancouver’s recent and dubious win), and you’re only looking at a one-bedroom apartment in a hotel. Even land is expensive – unless you’re willing to look for gold, which has to be there, given the price.

So yes, the options are somewhat limited to “settle down” and have a place of your own. But then, this is also an option:

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Bus Life Adventure takes a 4×4 short bus and converts it into a fully livable space – wood stove and all. The guys are releasing a documentary showing the full conversion, with 6 webisodes showing 4 guys living in just 76 square feet while they go looking for snow.



While you think about that smell for a moment, creator Brock Butterfield explains where the idea came from:

The idea first came to me last winter as I was sleeping in my truck. Cold, cramped and no good way to dry out my snowboarding gear, I started thinking about how I could have a little more wiggle room without the cost of an expensive RV.

A short school bus came to mind and I learned that a handful out there are 4×4. After many nights of research I found the bus I was looking for. A 2001 GMC Savana chassis with Corbeil bus top and a 6.4 Turbo Diesel motor.”

The bus features a sled deck and Yakima roofbox for extra storage, sleeping quarters, 4×4 for a little more power on those logging roads, and even an indoor toilet.

No words necessary: these guys can hang.
No words necessary: these guys can hang.
Every man's kingdom needs a throne.
Every man’s kingdom needs a throne.

The future might be scary for some of us, but Bus Life Adventures show you can think outside the mortgage. While not necessarily saying we should all be living like this, it certainly gives you the knowledge that, given enough time, sweat, and brainpower, people can make it work if they want it bad enough.

Or, you can keep sleeping in your truck.

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