Ski King turns Motley Fool… Win or Fail?

We need to talk about something here.

For years, the Federation Internationale de Ski has been the gold standard for alpine racing.  Personally, I can’t imagine being paid to rip the hill up, because it’s what I do to blow off steam or socialise, much in the same way someone would go for a beer after work. (Don’t worry – there’s still beer in my life.) But in a way, it’s the same as the park rats: if they’re having fun doing it, who am I to judge?

That said, the FIS, as the full name suggests, is rather Euro-centric. I mean, Jesus, just look at their official website. So… efficient. In the same way ski-jumping is primarily a European pastime, the FIS is so strongly connected to its European roots that every time I see a group of racers in the lodge, I can’t help but think they’re speaking English with an “evil” accent (the villains in Mighty Ducks 2, anyone? Iceland. Cool Runnings? Swiss. I could go on.)

We North Americans like to think we’re a little more relaxed when it comes to sports – “Did you have fun???” is possibly the most asked question after any Little league game. So maybe the European world wanted to get in on the fun… at apparently everyone’s expense. Be warned. This is something that can’t be unseen.

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Look, let’s be honest: the message at the heart of the tune is ” Let’s go skiing and have fun with friends”, and as Mountain Life has said time and again, that’s the essence of skiing. But, damn, they could have gone a little easier on the sauerkraut on this sandwich.  It’s almost as if someone hacked the site and posted this under the regal FIS name. Imagine if you heard the Queen rip a huge one from atop her throne? Would you laugh, or question the very existence of the Queen?

He plays ze ski poles like ein guitar! How komisch!
He plays ze ski poles like ein guitar! How komisch!

I don’t know; I’m one guy. Either this is an attempt (albeit failed) to reach out to the relaxed skiers, or simply bolstering so many stereotypes that I don’t want to mention even one for fear of being flagged.

What do you think? Perplexing? Hilarious? Is this a video intent to go viral? Who knows anything anymore.

See you on the slope.