The End of Big Budget Ski Flicks??

The ski movie industry exists to further stoke the fires of the long awaited upcoming winter. They are always breaking ground with new tricks, insane first descents, or eye-popping shots.
But, as technology advances, little works of art are coming to fruition. Just this week, Candide Thovex dropped a truly blistering edit at his home resort of Val Blanc, France, and blew up so many social media sites. Words can’t even describe how gripping this is as he rips all of the mountain. All of it – keep an eye out for the soaring eagle, the rock tunnel, the lifty… hell, this is a moving Where’s Waldo.

At the other end of the scale, Tristan Greszko’s latest from his Low Earth Orbit series, a poetic ode to skiing powder. Filming George Heim from above in the Teton Pass, it makes you smile while you recall that perfect run you yourself took all those years ago.

The point is this: Thovex filmed himself from a POV style, using a simple helmet cam and a couple of basic camera tricks.  Greszko used a drone known as a DJI F450, which you can buy online for under a grand – no small price tag, but considerably cheaper than renting a helicopter and a crew. Both drones and high quality cameras are getting smaller and smaller, and who’s to say in the next couple of years, you couldn’t rig up a “heat-seeker” option on the equipment so you don’t even need a driver?

Most importantly, though, is that while both of these videos are vastly different, they bring to the viewer that instinctual rush. Skiing makes everyone feel 5 years old, when they’re floating through the deep and fluffy, or going upside down and fast. These edits make you stoked to gear up – the very point of ski movies in the first place.

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