Winter Duel: New App Pits You Against Friends & Pros

Helly Hansen’s new app, Winter Duel, isn’t your regular joe – this one pits you against Facebook friends or mystery professional athletes for a five-week run off.


The intuitive app tracks distance, time, weather data, and route maps. The mystery athletes include HH Ambassadors from US Olympian Kaylin Richardson and Canadian pro mountain guide Jean-Francois Plouffe to Swedish Olympic cross-country medalists Anna Haag and Emil Jönsson.

Each user completes a profile on the app that matches them with a Facebook friend or mystery opponent at a similar fitness level based on running frequency and average miles/km per week. Mystery opponents may be a running enthusiast half way around the world or one of 16 elite Helly Hansen skiers, climbers, runners, or trainers who are ready to push users to their limits. The app includes a chat feature so you and your opponent can motivate each other throughout the duel’s five-week duration.

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The participant in each duel who racks up the most mileage in five weeks wins the contest.

Duelists with the overall greatest accumulated distance will be invited to a Helly Hansen sponsored training event: either the BolderBOULDER run in Colorado or Beauty & the Beast, the UK’s toughest multi-lap marathon. The winners will have their event entry, transpo, and accommodation covered, so the only thing they need to worry about is bringing their A-game to the race.

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2014 BolderBoulder Women's winner Mamitu Daska of Ethiopia.
2014 BolderBoulder Women’s winner, Mamitu Daska of Ethiopia. Photo courtesy