The Meaning of ‘Win’: Tremblant’s 24h a Huge Success

By Alicja Lei.

As active members of society, we have all found ourselves at a start line at one point in our lives. Fingers tingling, breath steady, mind still, muscles engaged…as we narrow in on that finish line.

Competition – it’s win or lose, and you’d be lying if you said you’ve never been fuelled by the thrill of the win.

And yet it seems as though one of the most successful events Helly Hansen has partnered with, results in winner after winner crossing the finish line.

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Photo Credit: 24h Tremblant / André Chevrier.

At 24h Tremblant, beyond the allure of a race, what brings thousands of competitors out to participate in this event in particular is AdamLaurenceSosna, and the multitudes of other children this event raises money for.

This past weekend, everyone who crossed that finish line won because this event raised $2,302,642 in donations – all to help sick and underprivileged children.

Photo by Damien Etchaubard.
Photo by Damien Etchaubard.

The stats tally as follows: 17,775 downhill runs and 74,655 kms run or walked.  (Oh and 1,150 litres of coffee helped the 2,300 competitors and 200 volunteers going throughout the night).

Sébastien Moreau, manager at the HH Mont Tremblant flagship location, assembled a team of 10 who independently raised $3600 in donations.  At the race, with a little cunning strategy, they managed to take 1st place in the 24h Run where they ran the most amount of kilometres in the 24-hour period…a total of 250km collectively.

Photo by Damien Etchaubard.
Photo by Damien Etchaubard.

HH Ambassador JF Plouffe put his “trainer” hat on, leading warm ups and doling out tips and advice to help competitors improve their performance.

The village of Tremblant was alive with an atmosphere of joy and celebration and for that 24 hour period you couldn’t help but know that you were part of something special.