The present state of ski films is nothing short of awe-delivering, with high-stakes drops, aerial footage and select lines that were once thought unrideable. But we didn’t arrive here overnight. For Chamonix skiers growing up in the 70’s, experimental riding and prospecting the limits were the meat and potatoes of their descents. The Garcia brothers – Bernard and Francois of Chamonix – were two of the most prominent European experimental skiers of the time. Both possessed an acrobatic and aqueous style that was full of soul. Putting wings on poles, or dropping down mountainsides in an inflated ball are just a couple of their lip-folding explorations in the art of descent. In our Friday Flick we celebrate the pioneering spirit of making turns with Bernard Garcia. How do we celebrate this? With Bernard’s very own groove-train, and by taking out the turns altogether and dropping it straight down.