Six of Canada’s Best Après Bars

Sure resorts use vertical drop, yearly snowfall, and total acreage as their main marketing tools, but any skier or snowboarder worth their salt knows that après is a major consideration when choosing which resort to visit. After all, what’s a day on the mountain if you can’t enjoy a nice cold beer afterward? We checked in with some of the best après experts in the country to see where you should be tipping one back this winter.

Collingwood’s Northwinds Brewhouse and Eatery

While Northwinds hasn’t even weathered a winter yet, there’s no doubt this place will be hopping all season long. With incredible food and a strong tie to the outdoor scene in the area, people will definitely be hitting this spot after the slopes. With a weekly cask brewed by the mad brewer Andrew Bartle, there is always a new pint you need to try here.

Fernie’s Griz

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For anyone with legendary-après-powder-day-party on their bucket list, the Griz is a must. What could be better then skiing the blower pow of the Kootenays, dancing to a live band with ski boots on, then stripping it all off for a naked table slide? Not much, and that’s exactly the kind of thing you’ll find at Fernie’s Griz.

Mont Tremblant’s P’tit Caribou

In the daylight the Caribou doesn’t look like anything special, but after sunset this place really lights up. Loud music, loud people, and loud ski boots make this a nightclub like no other. And the Quebecois “joie de vivre” is sure to rub off on even the stuffiest of Anglophones making for a night that will be reminisced about for years to come.

Corner Brook’s McHugh’s Bar

After shredding the slopes of Marble Mountain or the epic snow in the Blow Me Downs, live music and cold pints are a must. But hey, since you’re in Newfoundland, why not get screeched in too? McHugh’s Bar in Cornerbrook is the perfect place to get socked!

Whistler’s GLC

Since you’re at what is arguably the biggest and best resort in the world, why not party somewhere with a great view of it? The GLC has just that. Right at the base of the gondolas, this is the place to be all year long. Whether it’s bike season or ski season, there will be a party going on at the GLC once the lift shuts down—guaranteed. Someone always has something to celebrate in Whistler and you might as well join in!

Castle Mountain’s T-Bar

With a name as good as the T-Bar, how could you not cross the threshold into this awesome place? Full of Castle Mountain memorabilia, the place serves great pizza, wings, and nachos. And of course, they have beer. Throw in an epic powder day to celebrate and you’ve got all the fixings for a perfect bender.



2 thoughts on “Six of Canada’s Best Après Bars

  1. Man, things have changed a lot in Fernie, BC…..Fernie was featured in “Powder” magazine the fall that I moved out there in 1989. The article raved about the snow and the skiing, but I will never forget the comment regarding the ladies; I believe the words read: “Bring your own”…..And that was extremely factual reporting. The scene changed a lot in the 10 years that followed, and I gather that it has changed yet again…..The Griz was still a dive when I lived there….My band would play there pretty regularly. It was always a good time, but like most Fernie parties, it was usually a bit of a sausage fest……

  2. Total BS..
    The Dam in Whistler and Joso’s in Blue Mountain.
    Northwinds and GLC suck.
    Maybe these people who post this crap should go to these places.

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