Nature–Technology Fusion

super.natural Women’s Combustion Cloud Jacket.

New to North America this fall, super.natural apparel takes inspiration from the natural world for their collection of intelligent and stylish performance garments.

Unique combinations of engineered wicking fibers and Merino wool mean less moisture and sweat on the skin’s surface, keeping you fresh and dry. And their engineering boasts real results that will serve you well outdoors: super.natural’s poly-blended Merino wool dries 5x faster than 100% Merino.

We’ve tried out a few pieces including the mid-weight Women’s Combustion Cloud Jacket, which offers high warmth-to-weight ratio and country-to-city versatility in cool weather. Polyester and Merino wool baffles bring contemporary style to this mid-layer that provides fashionable warmth.

Check the super.natural collection here.

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bluesign creates transparency along the entire textile manufacturing chain. It provides tangible solutions and practical tools without compromising functionality‚ quality or design. With sophisticated process management all input streams are assessed based on their ecotoxicological impact with a particular focus on resource productivity, consumer safety, air emission, water emission and occupational health and safety. Potentially harmful substances are eliminated before production begins yielding products that contain only components that are safe for humans and the environment according to the best available technology.