Masters of Variable Light

We need a goggle that makes the best of variable light – adjusting for glare or dullness, and everything in between. Julbo offers the fastest auto-activating lens in the world (the Zebra) which obviates the need for multiple lenses. Julbo also offers the biggest selection of photochromic snow goggles.

We highlight three goggles below that serve different needs.


Julbo Welcome with Snow Tiger lens

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masque_welcome mirror copie

To welcome the talented young Chamonix skier Sam Favret to the Julbo team, Enak Gavaggio has designed… the Welcome goggle in collaboration with Sam. This goggle is based on the new Universe design and offers all of its features: XL Minimalist Frame with flush lens for a super-wide vertical and lateral field of vision. The frame has a compact footprint to further maximize the wide field of vision. These two skiing greats have pulled out all the stops to design a pair of goggles in their image with a wide strap, 3D effects, and much more, resulting in a totally freestyle pair of goggs.

Winner of the Red Bull Linecatcher 2013, and typical of the latest generation of multi-talented riders, Favret was born and bred in Chamonix. The son of a mountain guide, he has been mentored by Olympic skier Gavaggio, who believes he’s the future. Which means it is looking mighty bright.

Julbo Sniper with Zebra Lens


The Sniper Large for cross-country skiing hits the target every time with maximum performance guaranteed. Large faces will love its wide field vision. As well as the fantastic photochromic Zebra shield (Cat 2 to 4) it’s also available with the excellent Zebra light shield (cat. 1 to 3) which is designed for comfort in both difficult and excellent light conditions. It is also possible to take the Sniper with three interchangeable Spectron lens (cat. 0+2+3). Optimum ventilation and ergonomic design to reduce air currents protect the wearer from condensation when going up hills and cold when coming down. Comfort is excellent with outstanding hold and no pressure on the nose. A true perfectionist, the Sniper shield can be fully and easily raised for shooting in biathlons!

Julbo Luna with Zebra Light Lens

JulboLunaLuna is for women who leave nothing to chance, whether it’s their performance or their look. Available with all Julbo high-tech lenses (Zebra, Zebra Light, Cameleon), it combines the best of Julbo’s optical expertise with the latest advances in ergonomic design. An ultra-wide field of vision thanks to its Minimalist frame, and superb comfort with double-density foam and an extended outrigger: nothing is left to chance. Pushing its refinement to the limits with added metal and embroidery finishing, the Luna has all the right ingredients for beautiful expression.