Man (or Woman) Up!


It’s truly winter. Now your legs might be over that ache if you’re getting out there every day, but how do you keep the stoke going? What motivates you to keep going up, in possibly (let’s be brutally honest) cold and cruel conditions?

You could start hiking, if you have the right equipment and the right friends. Snow keeps better in the alpine, and truly earning your turns makes for a happy day and an early night, ready to do it all again tomorrow.

You could start skiing with rocks in your pockets – added weight training is great, but not so much when you land on said rocks.

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Or, you could find clips from your heroes, seeing what they’re doing to push their own limits. Skiers, like many other athletes, are subject to plateauing in their chosen area. You can only shred as steep as the steepest section on your local mountain. So, with that in mind, here’s something to rekindle that fire in your belly again.

First up: Henrik Harlaut stepping it up not only for himself, but the skiing community. A 1080 in the backcountry is almost as fabled as the mighty Sasquatch, but here’s video proof from earlier this year in the Dolomites, Italy. Try not to smile when he stomps it.

Next, you’d have to be completely ignorant not to have noticed that the fairer sex is catching up with the guys. Unicorn Picnic’s Pretty Faces, female-driven enviro-project The Little Thingsand of course the charming Angel Collinson showing many guys that it’s ok to crush on a girl because she can rip better than your grandpappy. Specifically, her segment in TGR’s Almost Ablaze this year. Watch, and be pumped. Or have a good reason lined up as to why you’re still seated for a couple of minutes afterward.