6 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s Ski Day


Tomorrow — Saturday, December 13, 2014 – marks the second annual women’s ski day. It’s going to be amazing.

Yes, International Women’s Ski Day is a thing. No, you probably won’t find it pre-printed in your calendar, like Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve. International Women’s Ski Day is an unofficial holiday – for now, at least — started up last year by K2 to celebrate lady skiers and to get more women interested in the sport.

Male or female, skier or snowboarder, none of it matters – if you like snow, then you can (and should) definitely celebrate International Women’s Ski Day. Here’s how.

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Ski With a Woman

Pick up your phone, call up your favourite female skier of all time, and tell her to meet you at the lifts at 9 AM. Spend the day making turns and memories. It’s that simple.

Teach a Girl to Love Skiing

Know a girl (or woman) who hasn’t fallen in love with skiing – yet? Introduce her to the magic of the mountain. Spend a day teaching pizza/french fry, or ask her to join you for a living room screening of that one ski movie that still gives you goose bumps every time you watch it.


Participate in an Official International Women’s Ski Day Event

Check out the K2 site to find out what international events are going down near you. Squamish’s Quest University is hosting an event on Whistler Blackcomb. Start with yoga at 8 AM hosted by local BASE jumper Suz Graham at Forlise, then head up the hill with legendary skiers like Holly Walker, Nadia Samer, and Anna Segal. Gentlemen welcome!

Watch Women Skiers in Action

You can still celebrate awesome female skiers even if you’re not near a mountain: just download Unicorn Picnic’s Pretty Faces. This snow sport film features an all-female crew doing some incredible things in the mountain, and having a great time doing it. It’s the next best thing to being up there yourself.

Demo Some Gear

This one is for ladies only: if you’re still riding an old pair of guy skis or a hand-me-down board from a dude you know, it might be time to test out some women’s specific gear. Gear is continually evolving, and you might be surprised to see how some subtle shifts can make the sport even more fun. Get your paws on some women’s gear and experience the magic.

Buy a Woman a Drink

The boots have been loosened, the nachos have been ordered – it’s officially apres time. Whether you’ve spent the day with your favourite girl friends or you just see a friendly looking lady still in snow pants, share the ski stoke and buy her a drink. After all, International Women’s Ski Day only comes once a year!