Vasu Sojitra, Out On A Limb

What’s the worst excuse you had for not getting up to go out skiing in the morning? Did you work late last night? Is the bed too warm and comfortable? Did your aprés session unexpectedly double down? Maybe you’re recovering from a big day on the hill?

We only ask because those excuses are worthless now (except maybe that last one). Meet Vasu Sojitra.

P: Backcountry Magazine

You might notice he’s missing one of the things traditionally used to rip backcountry lines – specifically, his right leg.  Yet with those monstrous shovel-sized pow attachments for his outriggers, he’s doing it better than some of us with all of our appendages.

Sojitra lost the leg before his first birthday to a blood infection, but that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his lifestyle.  He’s also the subject of a renowned short flick from T-Bar Films entitled Out On A Limb, presented by Columbia.

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It really is fascinating to see in real life. Really, you have to remind yourself that he’s got one leg; he shreds just like the rest of us. Maybe better.

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