Oakley’s “Snowboarding For Me” Review

The Gang

When I’m on my board, this is who I am… who I want to be. – Eero Ettala

Oakley’s project, “Snowboarding For Me”, can best be described as a love story that the stars all helped to write. Obvious and multiple bromances aside, the movie is full of reasons why these pros still get up and do this job – and not a single mention of a novelty sized cheque.

Watch the smiles light up the guys’ faces as they see their take in the Norwegian sunset.  Feel yourself smile when you see them fooling around on kids’ boards and the infamous GT Sno-Racer. And note the tug on your emotions when JP Walker reminisces about the first time he (or anyone) successfully maneuvered the fabled Double-Cork, tears welling up in his eyes, with a feeling he describes as never having felt before or since.

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This flick has a healthy mix of contests, street, and backcountry, but it’s all more of a type of punctuation to the riders’ stories. Old footage from the movies that the guys (and many audience members) grew up on, eventually starred in, are peppered in with the newer stuff. It definitely brings back memories of the first time I, for one, saw True Life or Lost in Transition.

The real high though, is the trip to Revelstoke that displays that big mountain ski porn we’ve all grown to love.  Eero even sums it up in the transitory segue – competing in contests helps to get exposure to the new generation, but it’s important to show individuality on the hill, and snowboarders are a form of artists in that respect.


Jake Blauvelt
Jake Blauvelt

Indeed, the jaw-dropping sets from Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Mark McMorris, and of course the Hero, Terje Haakonsen (among the rest) are what really put the smile on the audience’s collective face. Many of us will never emulate or identify with pulling off a Shaun White-esque Triple Cork in a Big Air contest, but we have nearly all stood atop a fresh pitch with those few close friends. And that’s what creates lasting memories when snowboarding.

For me, anyway.