Screw Wearable Technology. Buy Wearable Art.


Some things just need to be classic and timeless. Take the humble T-shirt for example. You can buy one with a fascinating array of ultra-high-tech fabrics and SPF protection, even a battery-heated shirt to keep you cozy in the worst of storms — but do any of these T-shirts have a story? Not likely. Mountain Life has recently partnered with industry veteran Chris Nicholls from Abstract Method to bring you three new signature designs with photography, and its own story, at the forefront of each one.

“In the current days of rapid-fire content creation for and by snowboarders, skateboarders, skiers, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts, we have lost a key element that was once captured by print photography,” says Nicholls, who started Abstract Method in 2013. “In the early days of the sport, photographers and artists have beautifully captured thoughtfully composed classic moments in action sports history. The photographs were tangible works of art, which have transcended new generations of passionate followers.”

These new Mountain Life T-shirts all feature images by Andrew Bradley, Mark Gribbon and Todd Lawson that have been previously published in the pages of our magazines before, and we’re proud to keep them alive in a new medium. All Ts are $35.00, or $30.00 cash if you buy them at any one of our fundraising events, like THIS ONE, happening this Saturday in Whistler. Can’t make it? Buy one or two (Christmas is coming, right 😉 by clicking here. We have lots of sizes available.

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In Deep in Bella Coola
by Todd Lawson
Christian Begin at BellaCoola Helisports

Todd Lawson Begin Mock Up Red

Shin Silhouette
by Mark Gribbon
Shin Campos on Blackcomb

Gribbon Shin Mock Up

Slashing Pow
by Andrew Bradley
Matty Richard, Whistler Mtn.

Andrew Bradley Pow Slash Mock Up