Rugged Totes & Duffles

The history of Fjällräven is tied in with northern Sweden’s rugged and exploratory lifestyle.

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In the 1950’s, 14 year-old Åke Nordin from Örnsköldsvik in Northern Sweden spent more time outdoors than indoors. After many long treks in the mountains, Åke decided the backpacks at the time were unsatisfactory and took matters into his own hands by building a wooden frame. This evenly distributed weight across his back so the pack did not end up uneven, pear-shaped, and uncomfortable. It also meant he could carry more weight with ease. In 1960 Fjällräven – which means “arctic fox” in Swedish – became the first to commercially make and distribute framed backpacks.

Not only was Åke’s invention more comfortable and distributed weight evenly, it also increased ventilation between his back and the pack. Soon after, during a trip up north, Åke’s new backpack caught the attention of the indigenous Sami people who spent weeks at a time high up in the mountains. They asked him to build them a backpack and after that a tent. Fjällräven had found its beginning. Today, Fjällräven combines durability, style, tradition, and function in a big lineup of backpacks, totes, duffles as well as jackets, apparel, sleeping bags and more.


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Lightweight, convenient bag, perfect for small purchases, swimsuits and items you want to carry with you during the day, Fjällräven‘s Tote No. 1 is made from a more durable version of G-1000, with double layers of fabric at the bottom for extra durability. Zippered opening keeps the contents in place and a small safety pocket on the inside holds keys, a wallet and anything else you want to keep an eye on. There is also a zippered pocket on the outside. Long, textile shoulder straps and short leather handle. The shoulder straps can also be converted to carry the bag as a backpack. Practical for travelling, will last forever and takes up minimal space when empty.


Fjällräven’s first duffel bag, Sailor Bag 214, was released in 1973 and Duffel No. 4 has been developed in the same spirit with versatile functions and a classic, clean design. The bag is perfect both for short weekend trips and for carrying your work-out clothing on a daily basis. A large zippered main opening with an easy-to-grip pull makes it easy to pack and unpack, and an inner safety pocket holds small items. Two outer pockets, one zippered and one with a push button, and double layers of fabric on the bottom for reinforcement. The straps are designed so they can be carried in the hand, on the shoulder or across the back. The strong, waxed G-1000 HD fabric and leather straps mean that this bag will stay with you for years and become more attractive the older it gets.

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