A Night At the Drive-In


The fact that I even have a job writing for Mountain Life is testament to the fact that we are becoming more and more a screen-dense media world. Never mind Instagram or YourTube – we can read books on a light up screen, and the millions and millions of pages on this great Internet that you can read from the machine in your pocket.

What about the simpler times? When you didn’t just watch a movie while you were on public transportation to kill time. Going to the movies used to be an event, an outing for the family. I’m not talking about back when you could take the whole family and get change from a $10, either. My dad was big on taking us to see some blockbuster on a stinking hot summer day (anything that keeps 3 kids quiet for two hours is probably a welcome distraction.)  One thing I always envied, though, were the prevalence of drive-in movies in pop culture.  We didn’t have one anywhere near us growing up, which may have added to the appeal – I couldn’t have it, so I wanted it.

Langley has a Drive-In, though, and last year it hosted the first Outdoor Movie Series. So for the second time, a group of shredders are taking control of it to premier their 2014/15 film in the Coastal Rider’s parking lot. Think Thank, Coastal Riders and Dinosaurs Will Die are relatively new to the snowboard scene (compared to your daddy’s pow-stick) but they’ve made their name as one of the last true counterculture teams in a largely-accepting industry (but hey, you do your thing, Alta, Deer Lake Valley, and Mad River Glen).

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The feature film, Left Turn Right Turn, breathes life back into the street jibbing that has taken a back seat of late by introducing unique features that one wouldn’t normally consider to be jibbed. The teaser states that everyone’s turns are a representation of personality.  But, honestly, this is such a rare treat to see snowboard movies under the open stars. Or, hopefully, cold temperatures and cloudy skies, to get a little more precipitation for the winter.  Bring along more blankets than you need and make some ill-prepared friends, and don’t forget your winner’s smile: last year, the team had a raffle on hand to give away anything from bindings to face masks and gloves.  In addition, they”ll be selling anything you may have forgotten for the upcoming winter season.


One happy winner last year, courtesy of Switchback Bindings.

Also being shown are CAPiTA’s DOA2: Stay Badass and Videograss’ Mayday.  BYO Lawnchair. Starts at 6pm, and full details are at the Coastal Rider’s page.